Thought Equity Motion Creates New Revenue Stream for Filmmakers

With Launch of Self-Upload Content Submission

With Launch of Self-Upload Content Submission


DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Thought Equity Motion, a professional licensing firm providing real-time access as well as rights and clearances to the world's finest motion content, has launched a Web site feature that enables professional filmmakers, independent directors and production enthusiasts to upload motion content to the Thought Equity Motion site and receive payment based on the content’s use and popularity.

The launch of Thought Equity Motion’s self-upload submission capabilities makes it easier than ever for individual producers of motion content to secure representation for and make money from their own footage, creative storyline and commercial content. In addition to uploading their existing content, Thought Equity Motion is also providing filmmakers with access to its extensive library of watermarked footage - free of charge - to encourage the creative process and development of new content and new media productions.

Director Peter Siaggas of Spots Films has been supplying Thought Equity Motion with stock commercials and footage for more than a year. In 2006, Peter earned tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees from Thought Equity Motion each quarter.

“Every director has great spec spots that are simply collecting dust,” said Siaggas. “Thought Equity Motion is providing an outlet for directors to leverage those quality spots and actually get paid for their time and talent.”

In addition to the self-upload capabilities, Thought Equity Motion has significantly improved its corporate Web site to reflect a cleaner look and easier navigation, providing better access to, and use of, content in an intuitive manner that encourages creative innovation. The new “Shot Reels” feature allows production professionals the ability to view multiple camera angles and shot types for a single scene. The ability to access more than just a “clip” means that production professionals have access to each shot associated with a production just as the director intended resulting in a greater ability to tell a story.

“Thought Equity Motion is excited to empower editors, producers and filmmakers to access and utilize the more than $1.5 billion in production value available for licensing at,” said Kevin Schaff, CEO of Thought Equity Motion. “By offering footage for the development of content and the means to feature and distribute that content, we are completing the circle of commerce and opening a new revenue stream for the creative community.

Thought Equity Motion is accepting a wide range of content including original commercials and footage. Producers can choose from two options:

1. Footage We Want – If a producer has footage that meets a need in Thought Equity Motion’s library, the company will represent that content. Library needs are listed and regularly updated at

2. Productions – Producers with creative editing skills can leverage Thought Equity Motion’s extensive library to create commercials and entertainment programs. Thought Equity Motion will pay royalties to producers whose content is licensed by Thought Equity Motion customers.

About Thought Equity Motion

Thought Equity Motion is headquartered in Denver and is currently the world’s largest supplier of online motion content. Thought Equity Motion provides licensing, rights and clearances, as well as representation services to the entertainment, creative and corporate production industries. The company’s Web site is the premier resource for production professionals who need representation for their creative content and/or instant access to the world’s finest film and HD content for their broadcast, cable, wireless and other new media productions and programs.