Launches the PodSafe Music Network

the First Online Music Network that Features Royalty-Free Music for Listeners & Podcasters

the First Online Music Network that Features Royalty-Free Music for Listeners & Podcasters


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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, today announced the launch of the PodSafe Music Network(TM) (, the first independent online community that connects artists, podcasters and listeners into one exciting environment where fresh music can be discovered and used royalty-free. PodShow(TM) also announced that ABSOLUT (R) Vodka. will co-sponsor the launch of this new service.

For podcasters, the PodSafe Music Network provides instant access to songs, interviews, and other elements as well as the tools and systems that can be used by podcasters to create royalty-free music podcasts, as well as to build and monetize a listener base. For artists, the PodSafe Music Network provides the ultimate outlet to showcase, promote and market their music. For listeners, the PodSafe Music Network features a broad range of the best independent music and original content in single-play or podcast formats, as well as a community for purchasing, voting for and promoting their favorite music and mixes.

PodSafe Music, created and supported by PodShow, is designed to meet the growing demands of podcasters for access to music that can be used without the restrictions placed on certain music by the recording industry. PodSafe music is a new term that has been coined in the wake of the podcasting explosion. It means music that is provided by artists or labels that control their own rights and understand the promotional power that can be created by offering their music royalty-free for use within podcasts.

"The PodShow PodSafe Music Network opens the door to a new world of music and music personalities that cannot be found on traditional radio," said Ron Bloom, PodShow co-founder and CEO. "By empowering artists and podcasters, we have created the framework for an entirely new form of music promotion and discovery to emerge, and the response has been overwhelming!"

"The PodSafe Music Network gives listeners what they really crave ... great music compiled and promoted by cool people ... it's the ultimate combination of music and personality with a potential that hasn't been seen since the birth of FM," said PodShow co-founder Adam Curry, "The PodSafe Music Network is the new alternative to tired radio programming ... anyone can promote an artist ... anyone can create a show, and anyone can become a star ..."

PodSafe Music Network goes beyond the traditional click-and-play, or purchase-and-download methods of current music sites. Via the revolution of podcasting, PodSafe Music listeners can subscribe to their favorite music shows and have new music delivered to them daily, to be listened to on their computer or sent automatically to their MP3 players to enjoy on-the-go. Hot Music PodShows are already emerging and new artists are discovering new fans. Listeners can take part in the community by voting, commenting or promoting their favorite artists and producers. Through PodShow's CastBlaster production tools, Producers can easily create, upload and manage their shows, and promote their podshows to the entire Internet and beyond.

"I can't believe the exposure our shows are receiving," says C.C. Chapman, producer of top PodShow, Accident Hash , "I used to scour the net for new music and podcast-friendly labels ... Now bands and labels are calling me!"

Jeff Minsky, National Director, Emerging Media Platforms at OMD Digital added, "ABSOLUT has always been about personal expression and creativity and the emergence of podcasting exemplifies these characteristics and makes it a natural evolution of ABSOLUT'S digital brand."

The PodShow Music Network debut includes the direct sponsorship of ABSOLUT Spirit Co., and coincides with the launch of their "Find Your Flavor" campaign promoting the newly launched Apeach Vodka.

OMD Digital NY was responsible for the planning and buying of this campaign.

About PodShow, Inc.

The PodShow Podcast Network is the premier network in podcasting, assembling the leading communities in podcasting, as well as a host of the most popular personalities and podcasts in podcasting. PodShow's CastBlaster production suite provides tools for podcasters to produce and promote their podcasts. PodShow also provides professional production and directory services to major media companies and traditional businesses. PodShow was founded in 2004 by podcast pioneers Adam Curry and Ron Bloom to validate podcasting as both a medium and a business, making podcasts more accessible to a growing legion of listeners, providing a resource for podcast producers, and enabling marketers to take part in the podcast explosion. In the process, the company has greatly simplified the podcasting experience for artists, producers and listeners alike. PoshShow is a privately-held company, backed by leading venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. More information is available at

About The ABSOLUT Spirits Company, Inc.

The ABSOLUT Spirits Company, Inc., headquartered in New York, is a subsidiary of V&S Group and operates under the auspices of V&S ABSOLUT Spirits in Stockholm, which produces and markets ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT CUT, Level Vodka, DANZKA Vodka, FRIS Vodka and Plymouth Gin. The ABSOLUT Spirits Company, Inc. imports ABSOLUT VODKA, Level, DANZKA Vodka and Plymouth Gin in the US and distributes the brands through FutureBrands LLC, a joint venture with Jim Beam Brands.

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