NeuLion iPTV Solutions: No PC Required

Direct to TV iPTV platform is shown at this years NAB in Las Vegas.

Direct to TV iPTV platform is shown at this years NAB in Las Vegas.


LAS VEGAS, April 24 -- Neulion iPTV is showning this week at NAB (Booth SL2407D). This device allows expands the possibilites of IPTV by sending the signal strait from the internet to a television set without a desktop media player. The real-time video is about DVD-quality.

"IPTV is the hottest technology right now, and is poised to transform the way that people choose, access and enjoy multimedia entertainment," said Chris Wagner, EVP and Co-Founder of NeuLion. "The NeuLion iPTV Platform is the best choice for content owners to more effectively reach an audience that potentially spans the globe."

The NeuLion set-top-box is able to support interactive features such as internet telephone connections, gaming and other options.

NeuLion iPTV Content Partners supply media and identify the marketplace. The NeuLion iPTV Platform encodes, delivers, stores and manages an unlimited amount of multimedia content, and the Operational Support System (OSS) maintains all billing and customer support services.

The first NeuLion iPTV-based service to hit the marketplace is KyLinTV, an IPTV subscription service for Chinese-Americans. Launched in September 2005, that service now streams live to thousands of subscribers from Honolulu to New York. KyLinTV offers more than 20,000 hours of broadcast and VOD content choices with 300 hours added or updated each week.

About NeuLion

Based in Plainview, NY, NeuLion, Inc. works with content partners to develop end-to-end solutions for multimedia IPTV services. The company was founded by a group of former Computer Associates (CA) Executives who have been in the software and content delivery business for upwards of 20 years. For more information, please visit

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