JVC Blu-ray Disc & HDD Recorder SR-HD1500 US

Why tie up one of your computers to burn a Blu-ray or DVD when you could use this self contained unit. The JVC SR-HD1500 and SR-HD1250.

Why tie up one of your computers to burn a Blu-ray or DVD when you could use this self contained unit. The JVC SR-HD1500 and SR-HD1250.


JVC Blu-ray HDD
 JVC Blu-ray disc and Hard Drive recorder SR-HD1500US and SR-HD125US

JVC has introduced a very neat an innovative device designed to burn BLURAY discs and DVD's without the use of a computer. It is a standalone box with an internal hard drive. Once your video footage is on the hard drive you can burn as many copies as you want.

The reason that we are featuring this device on is that the ST-HD1500 model works with the GY-HM700u. It's pretty simple to take the SDHC media card from your HM700 and pop it into the JVC Blue Ray device and burn some dailies.  Rip and Run!

The device does has other inputs as well. You can record directly to hard disc from an SDI input to the hard drive, use the firewire input in the front of the USB input to talk directly with other camcorders; even the AVCHD format.

The unit also provides for control through third party vendors like Edirol.

We found the device pretty easy to use after a quick read of the manual. The unit also makes a really great BluRay player as well with it built in noise reduction capabilities during playback.

Key Features

First and foremost this is a device to burn Blu-ray discs for high definition. You can copy your videos to a Bly-ray Disc in high-definition from a high-definition camcorder, or down convert the videos and record on to standard DVD's, all without the need of a PC.

You can use either a standard definition television or a high definition television monitor using component or HDMI output terminals. (see photos below for all of the connections on the back of the unit.)

Compatible with the Gy-HM700 and the GY-HM100 on the ST-HD1500 model.

Compatibility with other consumer camcorders. AVCHD, HDV, and DV, JVC everio files are compatible.

USB, SD slots, and i.Link (firewire) terminals for connecting various camcorders.

SDI input to allow direct to hard disc recording that video can then be burned back to disc.

Create menu supported Blu-ray discs. The SR-HD1500 also allows you to use your own original image as the background.

Compatible with dual layer 50 GB Blu-ray discs.

Equipped with external control RS-232c terminal that allows for external control through a secondary computer device.

Who could benefit from this device?

Production studios.

Police Stations

Security Camera footage

People who need a fast and simple way to burn BluRay Dailies.


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JVC SR-HD1500US SR-HD1250US Instructions Manual .pdf (3.5 MB)
JVC SR-HD1500US SR-HD1250US Instructions Manual .pdf