DVEO Introduces DVB-ASI IP Gateway With Forward Error Correction

FastPass/FEC™ Simultaneously Transmits and Receives DVB-ASI Video Streams at over 200 Mbps

FastPass/FEC™ Simultaneously Transmits and Receives DVB-ASI Video Streams at over 200 Mbps


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San Diego, CA -- DVEO, the broadcast division of CMI, announced today that they are shipping FastPass/FEC™, a high-performance IPTV system for broadcasters and content providers. FastPass/FEC transmits multiplexed compressed MPEG-2 video streams as used in digital TV (DTV/HDTV) over high speed fiber or copper wide area networks.

Fast Pass/FEC features state-of the-art Pro-MPEG FEC technology, for reliable transport of live DVB-ASI video streams across an IP network.

Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a method for finding and correcting errors in data transmissions. Extra data, called checksum packets, are added to the outgoing video stream so that errors can be corrected at the receiving end. The Pro-MPEG Forum, an association of broadcasters and content developers, adopted an open standard for implementing FEC when transporting video over IP networks. Code of Practice 3 (Pro-MPEG FEC COP #3) is an efficient FEC technique for transmitting video packets.

FastPass/FEC incorporates Pro-MPEG FEC COP #3 Releases 1 and 2. Full compliance with the latest Pro-MPEG Forum and DVB standards ensures high broadcast-video quality and interoperability with other third-party ASI gateways that also comply with this Pro-MPEG specification. FastPass/FEC has a reliable embedded Linux® design so it can be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FastPass/FEC simultaneously transmits and receives DVB-ASI video streams, at over 200 Mbps combined throughput. This is four times the 50 Mbps per stream specification required by Pro-MPEG COP #3. FastPass/FEC can be configured for point-to-point or multicast applications and can also be used in private dark fiber networks (optical fiber networks dedicated to a single company) with appropriate repeaters.

“Our customers are very excited about our IPTV solutions with Pro-MPEG FEC,” stated Ron Fellman of QVidium Technologies, Inc., the product developer. “FastPass/FEC successfully interoperated with all the other eight vendors in the last 2006 SMPTE/VidTrans Pro-MPEG Interoperability Demo. FastPass/FEC is ideal for video over IP, remote broadcasts, transmitting movie or video ‘dailies’, and delivering live video program streams to the head-end or production studio.”

A simple web-based interface is provided for local set-up and control. An SNMP Browser or a standard Web Browser can be used for management and control over a network. FastPass/FEC is also compatible with DVEO’s MPEG Qvia™ DVB-ASI Encoder.

Supplemental Information for Press Release

ß Simultaneously transmits and receives 200 Mbps aggregate DVB-ASI video over IP networks
ß Pro-MPEG Forum Code of Practice #3 release 2 FEC
ß FEC packet linearization as per Pro-MPEG Forum COP #3.2, Annex A
ß Automatically receives both Pro-MPEG Annex A and Annex B encodings
ß DVB ASI or SMPTE 310 interfaces
ß Number of MPEG-2 TS packets per IP packet configurable from 1 to 7
ß Two copper gigabit Ethernet interfaces – one for management, one for RTP streams
ß Video packet stream on either interface
ß Single-program or Multi-program MPEG-2 transport streams
ß Designed with RTP encapsulation for use over WAN's
ß Diffserv QoS support
ß Web-based Remote Management
ß LCD front panel control
ß SNMP traps for video signal loss and max bitrate exceeded
ß SNMP-based Remote Configuration and Monitoring
ß Designed for 24/7 operation

ß Supported Network Interface:
o Two IEEE 802.3 1000/100/10 Base-TX Ethernet interfaces (RJ-45) allow simple interconnection to most network equipment
o Video packet stream on either interface
o Configuration and Monitoring on either interface:
out-of-band and in-band support
ß Supported Network Protocols:
o IP Encapsulation: RTP/UDP/IP
o Network QoS: IETF DiffServ and IEEE TOS compliance
o IGMP v1, 2, & 3 Multicast
o IPv6 support available
ß Configuration and Monitoring
o Web interface and SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 for stream setup and monitoring over IP network
o Front panel interface for local IP setup
o Telnet and FTP
ß Reliable embedded Linux® design is always on when powered up

DVEO, FastPass/FEC, and MPEG Qvia are trademarks of Computer Modules, Inc.
All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

Suggested Retail Price: FastPass/FEC, Two 1RU units – $15,995.00 U.S.

About CMI and DVEO
CMI, founded in 1982 by Laszlo (Les) Zoltan, is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California. DVEO, the recently formed Broadcast Division of Computer Modules Inc., sells digital video and high definition television (HDTV) products to the top television broadcast companies throughout the world.

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