ADS Tech Shipping DVD Xpress DX2—Easiest Audio/Video Conversion Device for Playback on Everything from iPods to TVs

First to Launch from New Family of Video To Go Products for Mobilizing Digital Content

First to Launch from New Family of Video To Go Products for Mobilizing Digital Content


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CERRITOS, CA (February 14, 2006) – ADS Tech ( announced today that it is now shipping DVD Xpress™ DX2, a USB 2.0 external audio/video capture device that is so easy to use, even consumers who aren’t technically savvy can convert analog audio/video content to a digital format. With support for all of the leading video formats, the plug-and-play device can be used to create high-quality videos that can be enjoyed on the road with portable video players* such as a Sony® PSP, Apple® iPod® or Creative Technology’s new Zen Vision or viewed on a TV with a home DVD player.

DVD Xpress DX2 is the first of ADS Tech’s exciting new family of Video To Go products that make it simple to capture, convert, enjoy and share favorite videos, TV shows and sporting events anytime, anywhere.

It is also the only hardware-based iPod video and PSP format capture device on the market. By incorporating a powerful hardware encoder, the new audio/video capture device does all the work instead of the PC. Real-time hardware conversion produces the best DVD quality.

ADS Tech’s new capture device connects to a PC USB port to transfer video and audio signals from any analog source such as VHS tapes, analog camcorders, set-top boxes or VCRs using the RCA (Composite) or S-Video video inputs. The signals are automatically converted into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and the DivX® video files that can be archived directly to disc or stored on a PC's hard drive for editing. When the DivX format is selected, users can compress video files to nearly one-tenth the original size without noticeable loss in quality.

With analog support, users can quickly preserve their old VHS tapes (which deteriorate after only 10 to 15 years), by converting them to a digital format and archiving them on CDs or DVDs that can last nearly 100 years.

To provide the highest-quality video, DVD XPress DX2 utilizes the latest in video conversion and filtering technology and a 10-bit video digitizer with 2x oversampling and 4-line comb filter. DVD Xpress DX2 also offers exclusive “Audio-Lock” technology to provide perfect lip synch all the way through the capture, edit and disc burning process. Brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation and hue controls are also included.

The ADS Tech Capture Wizard™ software included with DVD Xpress DX2 makes capture so easy, anyone can do it in just minutes. Using the CapWiz "Direct-to-Disc Wizard," users can burn their video to a high-quality VCD, SVCD, DVD video disc with just a few easy clicks. For added convenience, Capture Wizard gives users the option of previewing their video at full resolution, the ability to choose their bit video quality and the use of advanced settings for capturing video.

For consumers that want to do more than straight archiving to disc, DVD XPress DX2 includes Ulead® VideoStudio 9 SE DVD™. A consumer favorite, VideoStudio can be used to instantly create video, slideshow, music, or data discs through a convenient, wizard-type process. Other features enable users to easily trim out the parts of the video they don't want; add transitions, video filters, animated titles and background music; and then author their content for a professional-looking video production.

Pricing, Availability
Instant DVD Xpress DX2 is available for immediate delivery from leading video dealers, e-tailers and distributors with an MSRP of US$109. A complete hardware/software solution, the USB 2.0 audio/video capture solution is compatible with Microsoft, 2000 and XP (Home and Professional) systems. The external device comes with audio/video and USB cables, a CD containing ADS Tech’s Capture Wizard 4.0, Ulead VideoStudio 9 SE DVD and a user guide.

About ADS Technologies
ADS Technologies is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions. Since 1992, the company has introduced high-quality multimedia, networking and presentation products at consumer-friendly prices. The company’s award-winning USB product line includes eleven complementary peripherals, and its USB Port for Desktops is the world’s best-selling USB PCI host card. PYRO 1394DV, the first consumer-priced digital video editing solution on the PC market, has been widely adopted by owners of digital video camcorders for its ease-of-use for first time DV editors, its functionality and its low cost.

ADS Technologies’ products are distributed by Ingram Micro in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe. ADS Technologies’ products are available in nearly 3,000 consumer electronic and computer retail stores and through OEM private label customers around the world who market ADS Technologies products under their own brand name.

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