Software enables cable networks to more precisely manage client commitments and advertising yields

Software enables cable networks to more precisely manage client commitments and advertising yields


GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, February 26, 2007 – Broadway Systems, a leading provider of media management solutions for cable networks, announces the availability of their Stewardship software, which has been successfully implemented at Fox News.

Design of the stewardship capability was based upon significant feedback from networks, including Fox News, on what cable networks require to most effectively advantage their advertising clientele. “Cable networks have a large and ever-changing inventory of spots and impressions that they must manage and deliver against multiple agency and advertising clients. Our stewardship system leads the deal through the entire process and keeps the cable network personnel aware on a near real-time basis as to whether the network over/under-delivered to the advertiser,” explained Broadway Systems President John Sorensen. “This enables the network to monitor these deals in a more timely and efficient manner so as to make adjustments to the benefit of the network’s clients and business.”

Broadway Systems will be demonstrating its stewardship software system at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in April (N4131).

The stewardship capability builds upon Broadway’s existing integrated sales, planning, programming, traffic and billing platform. “While FOX News is delighted with the functionality that we delivered to their business, I am equally pleased with the time it took us to bring this to market. Our team was able to go from market need to a working system in a timeframe that is unheard of in this space,” said Sorensen. “I attribute this success to several factors including the fact that we are working off a contemporary and integrated software platform, that our business is solely focused on the needs of cable networks, and that we work in a highly collaborative manner with our customers. This is a great example of the agility of our platform, our team and our company.”

About Broadway Systems
Broadway has collaborated with companies such as Fox News, the Scripps Networks and College Sports Television (CSTV)—a division of CBS Sports—to engineer a contemporary and fully integrated programming, sales, traffic, stewardship and billing system. Today this platform is used by 3 of the top 20 cable networks and managing over $1.5 billion in advertising revenues across news, sports, music and entertainment content.

Broadway Systems offers cable networks a strategic alternative to existing vendors, one that is dedicated to their business and able to keep pace with the changing needs of this dynamic industry.
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