Damian Smith, President & CEO Legion Production Services Equipment

Purchased: JVC ProHD HD100 Series

Purchased: JVC ProHD HD100 Series


Legion Production Services provides first-hand, high definition video and post-production services for an extensive group of clients in the United States and abroad. Legion was one of the first companies in the US to receive the ProHD HD100. They’ve been using two cameras consistently throughout all areas of their production, including short film projects, national campaign ads, and video work for the CW network hit “One Tree Hill.”

Looking for a more cost effective way to produce and shoot their projects, Legion began using the ProHD HD100 because they were amazed with the camera’s performance and the high quality Fujinon lens. “We didn’t want a glorified camcorder. We need to be able to use film accessories like Panavision size filters, follow focus, cine lens option, on board monitors and video transmitters. This is a lot easier to accomplish on the JVC platform as it was the most production friendly,” said Damian Smith, president & CEO, Legion Production Services.

Smith also commented on the camera’s resilience to extreme weather, “We’ve truly put the camera to the test shooting in 100+ degree temperatures in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and in the Chilean winter. The camera performed flawlessly!”

Recently, Legion has done some high-end real estate commercials as well as a national Suzuki spot using the JVC camera. “ We are planning on using six JVC cameras for a government project we’ll be doing in 2007, as well as Damian Lahey’s next feature film “American Vengeance,” said Smith.

Smith admired the support of JVC’s local district sales manager, Michael Jackson, “We were doing a commercial and needed a new mattebox immediately. Michael helped us find exactly the model we needed.” In addition, Legion Productions utilizes four JVC ProHD BR-HD50 player/recorders and four DT-V1710CGU 17-inch HD monitors.