THINKFilm and Killer Films to Partner


NEW YORK, Feb. 22 -- Killer Films, one of the leading forces in independent filmmaking for over 12 years, and independent film distributor THINKFilm, today announced an exciting new partnership whereby Killer will develop and produce films that THINKFilm will finance and distribute on a worldwide basis.

The deal, which is jointly announced by Killer principals Christine Vachon, Pam Koffler, and Katie Roumel, together with THINKFilm President and CEO Jeff Sackman and Theatrical division Head Mark Urman, is effective immediately, and is consistent with THINKFilm's new mandate to increase the scope and size of its slate and get involved with select projects from their earliest stages of production.

"Since our inception we have aimed to collaborate with people who share our taste and our approach," says Killer's Vachon, "and we believe that the THINK team and the Killer family couldn't be more like-minded andcompatible." Urman adds, "We are thrilled to formalize this deal with Killer. They have the most amazing track record and depth of experience, yet have managed to retain the joy and enthusiasm of absolute beginners."