To be held at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California on June 9-10

To be held at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California on June 9-10


Los Angeles, CA -- Pixelodeon announced speakers, curators, and a line-up of over 300 videos for its first annual screening festival to be held at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California on June 9-10. The event will feature keynote addresses from speakers bridging the divide between traditional media and new media, and those dealing with issues such as copyright and file sharing. Pixelodeon will also include a "DIY Theater" programmed by the public using the website wiki. The complete list of speakers, curators, and videos is available at

Two dozen curators, including notable new media content creators Amanda Congdon of ABC News, Veronica Belmont of C|Net, and Bre Pettis of Make Magazine, selected videos from the Internet to illustrate themes for one-hour theater screenings starting at 12PM until 6PM each day. Themes include "Mashups and Remixed Video," "Conversations on YouTube," and "The Politics of Technology." Only videos that were created for the Internet were included in the selections and over two dozen countries are represented.

Speakers include Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon from Acceptable.TV, Fred Seibert from Frederator Studios, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine from Ask a Ninja, and Jon Phillips from Creative Commons discussing their personal views about the way the Internet has empowered independent artists and changed the landscape of media.

"Pixelodeon is here to bridge the gap between independent online creators and traditional media here in Hollywood," said Pixelodeon co-founder Ryanne Hodson. "The current media landscape is changing so fast that these up and coming creators have a chance to help define its new foundations."

Other co-founders are new media content producers Jay Dedman, Zadi Diaz, Irina Slutsky, and Steve Woolf.

Tickets for keynote speaker sessions are available at

The Pixelodeon 2007 sponsors are all concerned with empowering and inspiring the independent content creator. This year's sponsors include: Theater Sponsors -- DivX, SpinXpress,, Wordpress, Blogger; Event Festivities Sponsor -- Revver; Sustaining Sponsors -- MyWaves, Veoh.

Pixelodeon celebrates diversity and talent in online video and provides audiences with the opportunity to discover the most innovative new work from pioneering digital media creators. Web content creators represent a powerful new force in media, and the mainstream has taken notice. Pixelodeon will bring the two together to share knowledge, to discover common goals, and to build relationships.

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