Scott Addison Clay - an interview with Scott fresh from the L.A. Film Festival

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell, The Legend of Johnson Roebling, a Documentary about Einstein, and Cats on a Plane.

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell, The Legend of Johnson Roebling, a Documentary about Einstein, and Cats on a Plane.


Scott Addison Clay (Who helped jumpstart the relaunch of just about a year ago) has been very busy lately with his own projects. Scott moved from New York City to Los Angeles last year and recently got married. He's working with a film as an Associate Producer that just played at the L.A. Film Festival, Working on a documentary about Einstein, Working on a feature with New York off Broadway actors, and just finished a short "Cats on a Plane".

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independent film: Scott, how was the L.A. Film Festival this year?
SC: Last year I went to do a little reporting for, so this year was different to go again as a filmmaker. We took "The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell" which got in as a blind submission.

independent film: What do you mean by a blind submission?
SC: We sent it in and didn't tell anyone beforehand and a programmer called us and invited us in the fest. We were ready to go to other fests but decided to have our world premiere at the L.A. Film Festival and canceled the other film festivals we had been accepted to and just did L.A.. Along with "Little Miss Sunshine" we were listed as one of the top three things to see by Flavorpill. And that was out of over 200 films. [Pictured Above L.A.F.F. Red Carpet premiere of "Threshold of Hell" - Jane Seymour, Kevin Wheatley, Jamie Bullock, Alex Reznik, and Jonny Gillette]

independent film: What is
SC: is e-mail and website based with hip stuff happening. Kind of like Time Out Magazine but online.

independent film: This was your first red carpet?
SC: Well, besides the Beverly Hills Film Festival last year. The LA Film Festival Red Carpet was 300 feet long with tons of photographers. Beverly Hills by comparison had 20 foot long red carpets.

independent film: How was the "Threshold of Hell" screening?
SC: Incredible, and a lot of fun. Because of some of our marketing efforts and good press we sold out both screenings. And the audience was supportive and laughed the entire time. Even in spots where we were like "Why are they laughing here at this part?". There was even applause in middle of film when a robot plays a ukulele.

independent film: What was the L.A. Film Festival like? Did you get some good networking like some of the other festivals we have been to?
SC: Yes. First of all, you are in L.A., So all of the studio people are here in town, and this year the festival grew. They were sponsored by the "L.A. Times". The film festival guide was sent to all of the subscribers across L.A.. They had over 80.000 people attend the festival. I think that it was up something like 75 % from last year.

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independent film: What were some of your marketing efforts?
SC: The "Threshold of Hell" film had a huge team dressed up as newspaper people; Newsies. They all had "Threshold" Aviator glasses and news magazines. The magazine was titled the "New America Manifesto". It seemed that wherever we went people knew about our movie. And hopefully that gets out to studio people in L.A..

independent film: Do you have any highlights from this years festival?
SC: The "green day" was cool, "Who killed the electric car", and " An inconvenient truth" were shown. The had some of the last electric cars that were made. Toyota Rav 4's. And they had some custom made electric cars on display.

independent film: What's going on with "The Legend of Johnson Roebling" film?
SC: We are working with the rough cut, and its cool see how characters shine through. We are working with a lot of New York City's theater underground who have parts in this film. This will be a festival film.

independent film: When do you start to submit to film festivals?
SC: Probably in a couple of months. We are currently adding the musical score...sound-mix, color correcting. The "Threshold of Hell" was shot on a dvx 100 with prime lenses and blown up to HD and it looks great. You could not tell it was digital.

independent film: What was Jane Seymour's involvement with the "Threshold" movie?
SC: Jane Seymour plays the President of the United States when we all get blown up in the year 2075 by a corporation.

independent film: and her daughter Katie Flynn is a producer?
SC: Yes; and has a part in the film.

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independent film: Tell me about "Cats on a Plane" and the 48 Hour Film Festival?
SC: Well a group of us from L.A. were a part of the 48 hour film fest. I was brought on to help as a writer. We had secured a studio space with an airplane set. So we said, "could we use the airplane somehow"? We had partnered with special effects guys, Helix. (They won an Emmy for their work on the "X-files")

independent film: This sounds like a bigger project than one might assume.
SC: We had to figure out everything that could get done in 48 hours. That's all of the Green Screen shots, everything. The festival gives you a genre, a prop, a line of dialog, a character name and occupation. All of that must be included. And were were given "disaster" as the genre. I have 4 stray cats in my backyard so with the Hollywood Blockbuster "Snakes on a Plane" coming out soon we had to make "Cats on a Plane".

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independent film: 48 hours is that editing too?
SC: Yes. We finished the writing by 6am then started production at 8am. By 9pm we finished production so that left 23 hours to edit and finish any special effects and sound.

independent film: Why did you choose to use
SC: seems to be something where there are a lot of people going to that site, first of all. So it's a wide audience. This little film certainly has a shelf life. The Hollywood feature "Snakes on a Plane" comes out in three weeks so we want this film to be as visible as possible and fast as possible. To make a little name for ourselves.

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