Familiar Faces, Familiar Places

Scott sees Stars at Sundance 2005

Scott sees Stars at Sundance 2005


Scott Addison Clay had another successful day of partying, mingling, and meetings, and screenings. Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Live seems very cool as she poses a second time for Way to go Rachel! I wonder if Debbie Downer has something down to say about the internet or us? "You know who really has no life, internet webmasters who update their sites at 2am on Sat nights instead of watching old SNL re-runs. That's who. (music)...Wah, wah, wah, wah..."

Enjoy more inside, exclusive images from the greatest venue of independent films; Sundance.

Chris Jennings, Matthew Wadiak and Rachel Dratch of SNL

The Loggerheads crew - Caitlin Dixon, Tim Kirkman, Chris Sarandon, Tess Harper and Oliver Bokelberg -//- Tim Kirkman, Tess Harper and Chris Sarandon of Loggerheads (

Tim Kirkman and the Geoff Gilmore head of the Sundance Institute -//- the house before the 3 inches of snow fell and getting down the mountain became somewhat treacherous - some people probably slept over

Comedian Judah Friedlander(.com) -//- Seth Carmichael of Carmichael Films -//- Marcus Shirock stylin' at hearthside

The Dry Spell team ( Melinda Woolf - Producer - Chip Godwin - actor - George M. Kostuch - Co-Producer - John Erick Dowdle - writer/director - Drew Dowdle - Producer

Jeremy Coon - producer of Napoleon Dynamite introduces John Eric Dowdle and Chip Godwin of The Dry Spell - a fast-paced, creative and fun film about the loneliness of the LA dating scene -//- Thor Freudenthal introduces his hilarious short 'Motel' starring Jonathan Klein

Troma Studios' Lloyd Kauffman - Matthew Wadiak of Cooks Venture - and Paul Cohen of Stratosphere Entertainment