Tuesday at the Sundance Film Festival. Scott is going non-stop in Park City

Nonstop action at Sundance 2005

Nonstop action at Sundance 2005


Scott tells that the fest is in full swing, with parties and screenings everywhere. People are a little loopy from thin air, free drinks and not enough sleep. But they still manage to look good for the camera.

Jamie Bullock and Scott Addison Clay producers of The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell

Jamie Bullock and Perry Farrell -//- Larry Ferber of HX magazine with Rachel Dratch of SNL

Graham Sibley and Tracey Coogan - the lead actors in Zombie Honeymoon -//- Heather Marsden, recently named one of Femme Fatale's sexiest 50, Ryder Strong of Cabin Fever, and Graham Sibley of Zombie Honeymoon

Ryder Strong of Boy Meets World and Cabin Fever with Tracey Coogan of Zombie Honeymoon -//- Full moon for Zombie Honeymoon - Publicist Rene Ridinger, Director Dave Gebroe, Producer Christina Reilly, Actor Graham Sibley

Graphic Designer Jenny McGuirk and Ron J. Friedman writer of Brother Bear -//- Marcus Shirock of The Legend of Simon Conjurer with Jon Voight set to premiere at Cannes

Stephanie Sterner and Anthony Ng editor and director of 212 respectively -//- Jennifer Brandon rep for the bandThe Light , Ondi Timoner director of last year's Sundance Palm D'Or winning film Dig, and Sara Merson singer/actress

John Leguizamo with friends from Cronicas -//- Jonathan Klein and Thor Freudenthal actor and director of Motel respectively

James and Jeff Israel of and Back and Forth Films along with Amy of