"Crashing" the movie to Premiere at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival.

Starring Campbell Scott, Directed by Gary Walkow.

Starring Campbell Scott, Directed by Gary Walkow.


"Crashing" the movie to Premiere at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival.-Main
"Crashing" the movie starring Campbell Scott, Lizzy Caplan, and Izabella Miko. Slamdance 2007 Premiere.

This year in Park City, I am looking forward to seeing the new film "Crashing". So much so, that I wanted to make special mention of it. It is a Slamdance feature film premiere.

"Crashing" is a film that explores the life of a novelist Richard (Played by Campbell Scott) who finds himself crashing on the couch of a couple of students, Jacqueline (Lizzy Caplan) and Kristin (Izabella Miko). He starts writing about them and they start writing short stories about him.

This film is a sequel to "The Trouble with Dick", an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival over 20 years ago. The original film was an homage to science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick who has recently garnered a new audience with the release of the film "Scanner Darkly".

"Crashing", has an all new cast but revisits some of the same situations as it's predecessor.

Director Gary Walkow ("Notes from the Underground") is very excited to Premiere his new film at Slamdance. "Slamdance has a great feel to it. They talk the talk, and they walk the walk. It really is about independentfilm."

The film was also produced by industry veterans The Russo Brothers of Arrested Development fame. And, David Cross plays a big part in the film. Another cool thing to mention is this will mark the acting debut of Steven Gyllenhaal, father of Jake and Maggie, and former director of Twin Peaks.

"Crashing" really is a true independent film that lives up to it's name. Part of the film was shot on the former set of Arrested Development. Yes, they crashed the set.

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