Connecticut Film Festival 2006

Industry Bash. Film Festival Director/Founder Tom Carruthers.

Industry Bash. Film Festival Director/Founder Tom Carruthers.


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This year at the First Connecticut Film Festival I was proud to attend what the festival called it's "Industry Bash".

Tom Carruthers the Festival Director has an experienced marketing background that has previously focused on music and band promotion. Last year he helped to start the Bethel Film Festival. A great little festival in it's own right, but a short lived one. One might argue that the Bethel Film Festival has upgraded itself to become the new Connecticut Film Festival. With some help from the state of Connecticut regional tourism boards Tom has expaned the Bethel Film Festival to several venues across the state.

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On Friday October 6th, 2006, Tom organized an "Industry Bash" at the Westport Unitarian Church. A cool location for the event. What was very impressive was the attending restaurants. A list of local hotspots that included Bobby Q’s Barbecue and Grill, Da Pietro’s, Zest Cafe & Restaurant, Chez Stéphane Bistro Francaise, Isla Montecristi, Groovy’s Café / The Chef’s Table, Conte's Fish Market and Grill, Bombay, Fat Cat Pie Company. All from Westport except for the Fat Cat Pie Company which is from Norwalk.