2011 Tribeca Film Festival coverage begins

Today we meet Indie Director Brian Doyle at the Cadillac Tribeca Press Lounge.

Today we meet Indie Director Brian Doyle at the Cadillac Tribeca Press Lounge.


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Brian Doyle
Director Brian Doyle at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo was taken with a Panasonic Lumix GH1 with a 1980's era Nikon 50mm lens with a lens adapter. (Photo by Mr. Corey Boutilier)
Brian Doyle with lanyard
Director Brian Doyle with his Tribeca lanyard. was invited by the Tribeca Film Festival to their Filmmaker meet and greet party. I arrived on time and was given my press pass by a team of publicity agents very eager to assist me. As I donned my new lanyard another Tribeca Film Festival volunteer asked me for my name and outlet to ensure that I was on the invite list which I was.
It is with great pride that I wear my press lanyard.
I first met Jennifer Merin of a writer with over 20 years under her belt. Together we looked out at a sea of Tribeca lanyards trying to discern what each level meant as there are several different categories. All I know is mine gets me on red carpets and some of the screenings.
Jennifer and I both agreed that the room was heavily slanted toward press and light on filmmakers. So Jennifer and I chatted about the "Lilly" chilled capacino and fun Belgum chocolate ice cream being sampled.
Jennifer headed out to a screening and I stuck around. As I looked to my left another guest of the party was looking around like I was wondering who was who at the Cadilac Tribeca Press Lounge.
I said, "Are there any filmmkaers at this event?"
He replied, "I'm a filmmaker."
I actually got excited about it thinking I might just be talking to other reporters all evening which would be cool but I wanted to try and get the vibe of this years fest. You can only do that by interacting with attending filmmakers.
So I thought, awesome, and said "Tell me about your film."
Brian Doyle, attending filmmaker with coresponding festival lanyard, shot a Super8 short film that was accepted into this years shorts program. It is entitled "current (reprise)". There is no dialogue, but a very beautiful I might add, montage of paper floating around Wall Street. The subtitle of the film is "Survive the ticker tape tempest".
This is not Brians first film at Tribeca. In 2008 another short of his was selected.
Brian handed me a postcard from his film.
I asked Brian if I could get a couple of photos with my new camera. I recenlty purchased the Panasonic Lumix GH-1. It shoots stills and also HD video.
Turns out that Brian just bought one as well. He actually bought the new upgrade the Lumix GH-2. Some improvents but not enough for me to spring for the GH2 at over twice the cost of the GH1 right now.
He asked me if I hacked it yet. Yes it's true that a Russian "Tester 13" has provided jail broken firmware for the GH1 but I havn't been bold enough to try that yet. Besides I think Panasonic shut down the ability to replace their firmware in the model that I just got.
So I'm all excited to show Brian a bunch of the new features of the camera since he just got his and I've had a little time to try it out.
I bought a little 30 dollar Nikon adapter ring and showed him a 50mm lens that I also had for the camera. Brian insisted that I put the kit lens back in my bag and use the Nikon. Good choice by the way.
So here are some of the very first shots that I have ever taken with the Panasonic Lumix GH-1 with my Nikon 50mm Pancake Lens. 
I like the look of it, but keep in mind that since the adapter is extended for older lenses it cuts off half of the image. In other words my old 50mm lens turns into 2x the zoom and effectively becomes a 100mm lens.
Who cares. Step back a little and enjoy how beautiful the light plays with the image. I love the effect.
Brian didn't want to be shot against a wall so we moved over to the party crowd as a background.
I was glad to meet Jennifer, glad to meet Brian. The party was kind of cool because I met two cool film people.
And so begins our 2011 coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival.
Mr. Corey Boutilier
Tribeca Film Festial lanyard
This filmmaker messing around with his Tribeca lanyard.
Tribeca Film Festival Press Meet and Greet
 Tribeca Film Festival Press Meet and Greet

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